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Load-shedding? No Stress!

Get a PowerBox.

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PowerBox will power: Alarm Systems,
TV/Decoder, WiFi Router, Laptop/Phone & Lights.

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Get a PowerBox.

Efficient. Reliable. Affordable.

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Hybrid PowerBox units - Load-shedding Range

PowerBox is a stand-alone fully assembled power unit, that doesn’t require expensive installation costs by a qualified electrician. A fully compliant AC power unit fitted with earth leakage and circuit breakers; designed to be a plug & play system; requiring only the connection to the battery or batteries with the unit’s supplied and fitted battery cables (2m). 

Unlike a UPS, PowerBox solar systems are fitted with MC4 plugs to take solar panels (optional) should power cuts exceed the capacity of the batteries. (ref. ‘PV’ points with MC4 plugs in picture)

PowerBox is available in two size/capacities:

  • 12V-800W     (minimum 1X12V-100Ah battery required; but two batteries in parallel are recommended)
  • 24V-1200W   (minimum 2X12V-100Ah batteries required, connected in series)
1kVA - Power Consumption
 TV (55”) 90W
Fridge/freezer 150W
Laptop 50W
PC 150W
Tablet charging 10W
Smart phone charging 5W
Broadband router 10W
Lights (LED)  10X3W 30W
Kitchen blender 250W
PowerBox - Hybrid UPS Systems

No need for guesswork associated with countless alternatives
from a multitude of individual components on the market.

Select tried and tested reliable basic components; perfectly
matched for compatibility and optimum performance.

Solid quality builds: pre-wired, pre-assembled, factory tested.

Management & monitoring system – battery/charging status.

Steel mounting board to accommodate all necessary components;
fitted solar plugs (MC4); battery & mains cables (2m); rendering
PowerBox virtually a plug & play system.

Safety – Isolated AC/DC distribution; circuit breakers
and earth leakage; Certificate of Compliance.

Excellent pricing

Inverter/Charger Features

SolarBox combines solar & utility charging with AC output; built to an industrial standard  with quick response speed and high transfer efficiency

  • Inverter/charger with new all-digital intelligent energy storage and management
  • Adjustable utility and solar charging ratio to meet various applications
  • Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology providing high tracking and conversion efficiency. Maximum tracking efficiency 98.5%; maximum DC conversion efficiency 99.5%
  • AC-DC charging with wide voltage input, high efficiency, and high stability from utility charge
  • True pure sine wave output through SPWM technology, with high, up to 95% efficiency¹ and a maximum of 93% full load efficiency²
  • High output voltage stability
  • High resistance to surge power
  • High operational stability
  • Simultaneous utility charging and inverter output
  • RS485 isolated communication interface (5V-200mA output)
  • Full electronic protection functions, input & output (PV reverse polarity, Charging power limit, short circuit, battery reverse polarity)
  • Utility AC input/output over-voltage, battery low voltage, over current, and short circuit protections
  • Internal over-temperature protection

A 12V system requires a minimum of 1 X 12V battery; for added
power storage more batteries can be connected in parallel.

A 24V system requires a minimum of 2 X 12V batteries connected in series.

We recommend either 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah, or 250Ah.

The size and number of batteries suggested are based on a minimum practical requirement. Bigger/larger batteries offer greater power storage but can be added at a later stage to improve or upgrade the basic system.

As a hybrid system connected to the mains, solar panels (PV) are not required and are optional. However, if power cuts should last for extended periods of time, solar panels can be plugged in to keep the batteries fully charged.

The maximum indicated capacity (Watt) of the solar panels is recommended for optimum performance; smaller PV panels require longer battery charging times.

This home system is factory fitted with a 2m battery cable and 2m mains connecting cable with plug.

Connection of this system to a distribution board must be done by a qualified electrician.

SolarBox - Off Grid System

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